TXT field dates problem

Esa Kivelä Esa.Kivela at ncrc.fi
Fri Aug 30 03:09:01 EDT 2002

Greetings from Finland to all Revolution users :-)

My name is Esa Kivelä and yesterday I just downlaod that Revolutions Starter Kit and I'd like it because Im a old HC coder with my ex-Mac.

Anyhow here's my problem:

We develop our firm intranet to the new look and there is a main www-page where lies a box wich shown "quick messages" to all workers in intra. When I donloaded Revolution I think "chees what a relief no I don't have to learn ie. PHP/Java/Perl anymore, I just code that quick messages thing with good old HC style!!" And so I started planning how users when they click "create new message"-link in that box and can send quick messages ie. "coffee barke at 6th floor, ice cream and cake served..get your pieces NOW before its too late!!" and so on without any emails via Outlook.

But then I get first problem: users want that new messages in the txt field shown as red color and old ones ie. in black.

I think that I use the date function and old ones change to blac but hey..all messages change their color in that txt fld.

So how ie 2 days old messages can be changed black and todays messages remain red? Is that possible to do in same text field?


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