recording and playing sounds

mark mitchell cowhead at
Fri Aug 30 02:05:01 EDT 2002

Carsten wrote:

> if platform() is "MacOS" then
>       get extInit(MacinfoBA,3050298)
>         put  glbstilfilsti & "ress/sounds/opgavelyde/" & glbLydnavn & 
> ".aif"
> into tempLYD
>     ext_recordSound tempLYD,1
>     play tempLYD
>     wait until the sound is done
>   else
>     answer "Optagelse af indtalt lyd kan kun ske under Mac OS" with OK
>   end if
> end srtrecordsound

I thought even with that external you had to Stop recording at some 
point.  You seem to be recording and playing the sound simultaneously, 
and never stopping.  There's something weird there.

I had had problems in OSX getting record sound to work, as the 'quality' 
setting did not seem to be recognized, and always reverted to the 
worst.  I got around this using the 'do' command:

put "record sound file zaFile as zaFormat with" && zaQual && "quality" 
into zaMan
       do zaMan

Using the above script, you can set any path to zaFile,  any 4character 
codec to zaFormat (with new QT6, MP4 is available here!) and  good, 
better or best to zaQual.   But you still have to "stop recording" 
before you try to play it back, me thinks.

good luck

mark mitchell

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