Revolution and screen savers, writing real quartz transitions externals

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Aug 29 22:49:01 EDT 2002

Recently, Jim Witte wrote:

> This raises a question that relates more to Revolution: would it be
> possible to write externals that could do Quarz transitions between
> cards like this? (translucency dragging of elements, image warping
> effects a là the Genie effect, scaling, etc)  The actual interface
> elements of a revolution stack I assume are rendered either with the
> native controls of the OS and Quarz or Quickdraw for the graphics.  As
> such, could an external get hold of those data structures to play with
> (or make a copy of them, hide the "original" structures that Rev uses,
> play with their copy, then destroy the copy at the end, and let a Rev
> script move the stack elements around to "match" what the final image
> the external had made?  Does that make *any* sense?

Since visual effects in Rev/MC can now be based on QuickTime, take a look at
the visual effects (transitions) available.  Some of what you describe, or
something close, may already be in there.


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