text in fields (CR/LF, CR, LF) which is correct?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Aug 29 17:14:01 EDT 2002

Kee Nethery wrote:

> -- Test A
> I am pulling text from a database and in the text, I have the word
> "Default", followed by an ASCII 13 which is a CR or return, followed
> by another word "Your". In Hypercard and in Tex-Edit under MacOS X
> this displays as
> Default
> Your
> In Revolution on MacOSX it displays as
> DefaultYour
> When I copy all the characters starting with "t" and ending with "Y"
> and paste into Tex-Edit, it shows that I have indeed captured three
> characters and the middle character is a return. But in the
> revolution text field the two words appear to run together.
> -- Questions
> 1. What the ... is going on here?
> 2. Why is Revolution ignoring the lone CR initially and then not
> ignoring it later?
> 3. Why is Revolution changing the CR LF characters to CR CR?

Rev gives you a choice of having line engings converted or not (see #5

> 4. What does Revolution want to see between the "t" and the "Y" so
> that the "Y" appears to be on the line below the "t"?

Depends on how you tell it to read yhe data (see #5 below).

> 5. Is there some setting I should use that will cause Revolution to
> pay attention to returns in text fields without having to paste into
> a text editor and then copy them back?

You can read as text or binary.  Text converts line endings, binary leaves
everything as it is natively.

As text:

  open file tMyFile for read
  - OR -
  open file tMyFile for text read
  - OR -
  put url ("file:"&tMyFile) into tMyData

As binary:

  open file tMyFile for binary read
  - OR - 
  put url ("binfile:"&tMyFile) into tMyData

> 6. Is there some hack, some magic moves I can perform in script to
> get Revolution to display the lone returns?

 replace numtochar(10) with cr in tMyText

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