text in fields (CR/LF, CR, LF) which is correct?

Kee Nethery kee at kagi.com
Thu Aug 29 16:27:01 EDT 2002

-- Test A
I am pulling text from a database and in the text, I have the word 
"Default", followed by an ASCII 13 which is a CR or return, followed 
by another word "Your". In Hypercard and in Tex-Edit under MacOS X 
this displays as


In Revolution on MacOSX it displays as


When I copy all the characters starting with "t" and ending with "Y" 
and paste into Tex-Edit, it shows that I have indeed captured three 
characters and the middle character is a return. But in the 
revolution text field the two words appear to run together.

-- Test B
When I create a text string of "t", followed by a return, followed by 
a linefeed, followed by "Y" and I paste that into the place of the 
three chars in Revolution, I get something that looks like:



and when I then copy from the "t" to and including the "Y" and paste 
into Tex-Edit, I have four characters but ... instead of
I now have
The linefeed gets converted by Revolution into a return.

-- Test C
When I replace the "t" to "Y" with a "t" linefeed and then "Y" the 
text in Revolution displays as


and when I copy this text and paste it into Tex-Edit, again it has 
converted the linefeed into a return so that now the text is

t CR Y

-- Test D
When I paste that combination into Revolution, it remains as
t CR Y
and ... it still displays as


So essentially, if I pull text out of the database that contains a 
return, and put it into the text field, it appears to ignore the 
returns but they are there. When I paste the text from Revolution 
into a text editor and do nothing to it, it shows the returns. When I 
copy that text and paste it into Revolution, it now displays the 
returns. The text is exactly the same but now it displays differently.

-- Questions
1. What the ... is going on here?

2. Why is Revolution ignoring the lone CR initially and then not 
ignoring it later?

3. Why is Revolution changing the CR LF characters to CR CR?

4. What does Revolution want to see between the "t" and the "Y" so 
that the "Y" appears to be on the line below the "t"?

5. Is there some setting I should use that will cause Revolution to 
pay attention to returns in text fields without having to paste into 
a text editor and then copy them back?

6. Is there some hack, some magic moves I can perform in script to 
get Revolution to display the lone returns?

Kee Nethery

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