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Has anyone used Rev to access the internet from behind a firewall?  What is
the proper way to pass a firewall username/password combination so the
firewall will not complain?  I posted this to runrev support, but still
have not got it to work.

~Roger Eller
roger.e.eller at

> Geoff,
> Hi,
> Thanks for responding so promptly.
>> Do you normally have to supply a password?
> Yes, our security department really takes their job seriously. A typical
user would always
> get a dialog/requestor asking for the username and password to the
Firewall when
> accessing a page outside the corporate LAN (the internet).
> I tried your suggestion "username:password at" and got the
> response. I have successfully used this format for FTP inside our LAN.
Nothing gets
> through the firewall unless we fill in the firewall user/pass pop-up that
appears in internet
> explorer. So, I thought maybe it had to be entered in the "set httpProxy"
command, but
> that did not work either. Any other suggestions? Thanks again for your
> <HTML>
> <HEAD><TITLE>Firewall Error: URL form not supported</TITLE></HEAD>
> <BODY>
> <H1>URL form not supported</H1>
> The URL that you tried to use is not supported by the proxy.
> This may be due to an unsupported scheme, or possibly that
> the URL was malformed. The URL that was seen by the firewall
> was:
> <tt><ul><li>
> </ul></tt>
> <BR>
> Optional diagnostic information:
> <tt><ul><li>
>         Couldn't parse port number; it may have been negative or greater
than 65535
> </ul></tt>
> <BR>
> Please check the format of the URL and try again. If the error was in a
> and you did not make a typographical mistake, please contact the
webmaster of
> the server where you found this URL.
> </body></HTML>
> Roger Eller
> roger.e.eller at

> To: Roger.E.Eller at
> cc:
> Subject:  Re: httpProxy - Getting past the firewall
>>I have included this line in my script as the example in Rev Help shows.
>>set the httpProxy to ""
>>I replaced the "" with "our.actual.firewall:80", and port 80
>>what we use in internet explorer.
>>But this is the returned html I recieve back...
>><head><title>Firewall Error: Authentication Failure
>><H1>Authentication Failure</H1>
>>This username/password combination cannot be used for access through the
>>The reason given is:
>>      Unauthorized
>>If this problem persists, then you should contact your firewall
>>Is my URL that I am requesting supposed to include Username/Password for
>>the firewall?
>>If so, what is the proper syntax for that?
>>~Roger Eller
> Do you normally have to supply a password? The problem sounds a bit odd.
If you
> have a firewall admin, I'd check with them. ordinarily you supply a
password in the format:
> username:password at
> --
> I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you have any further
> regards,
> Geoff Canyon
> Revolution Support

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