[ANN] libString 1.0.0 and objCalendar 1.1.2

Shao Sean shaosean at unitz.ca
Mon Aug 26 21:00:10 EDT 2002

Based on the discussion on the mailing list (RunRev) lately about a trim
function, I went to PHP.net and copied some of their string functions and
put them into a library for others to use. A list of the current features
are as follows:
- libString_pad : pad a string to a certain length with another string
- libString_ltrim : strip whitespace from the beginning of a string
- libString_rtrim : strip whitespace from the end of a string
- libString_trim : strip whitespace from the beginning and end of a string
- libString_explode : splits a string into an array
- libString_quotedPrintableEncode : converts an 8-bit string into
quoted-printable string
- libString_repeat : repeats a string
- libString_reverse : reverses a string
- libString_wrap : wraps a string to lines of a specificed length
If you feel like contributing to the library feel free to email me =)

And based on email feedback from a user (please email me so i can give you
credit, i  deleted the emails from you =/ ) I've updated the calendar
object. What's new:
- today's date is in bold
- clicked date is hilited in blue
- can trap for user navigation
- can script navigation
- clicking month/year header displays the months for jumping
- option/alt clicking navigation arrows jumps by a year instead of month

Thank you for your interest ^_^

Shao Sean

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