Some Stacks Won't Open in Finder in OS X?

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Mon Aug 26 11:52:01 EDT 2002

On Sun, 25 Aug 2002  Sarah Reichelt
<sarahr at> wrote:


> Another option is to make sure that the filetype & creator codes are
> set correctly. In the User contributions section of the Rev website, I
> posted an AppleScript droplet called Rev Droplet File Type Converter,
> that can do this for you.

I encountered a maybe related problem, where Sarah Reichelt's "Rev
Droplet" proved to be valuable. It concerns the transfer of stacks
created with the Windows version of Metacard 2.4.3 to the latest MacOSX
of Metacard.

As there may be similar problems with transferring Rev files from
Windows to MacX  (I did so far not have time to explore this) I cite my
post here to the Metacard list:

> To: metacard at
> Subject: Transferring Metacard 2.4.3 stacks from Windows to MacOSX
> This problem may be related to the thread "Mac OS X Bug?:  MetaCard won't open its own stacks".
> I tried to open stacks created with Metacard 2.4.3 Windows (the latest available build of July, 28th) in Metacard
> 2.4.3X (build of August 20th) under MacOS 10.1.4.
> The stacks appear as dimmed and cannot be opened. Adjusting the file type with Filetyper under MacOS 9.2.2 before
> (I do not have a filetyper for OSX, nor could I find one) does not help here.
> But I found two workarounds:
> 1. Happily I came across an older MetaCardCarbon 2.4 (build 3) version that could open the Windows 2.4.3 stacks.
> Once saved in the MetaCardCarbon version, the stacks are now accessible in Metacard 2.4.3X.
> I noticed another advantage of the older MetaCardCarbon version: You can open ".rev"-files because there is a filter (
> You can do that in the latest Windows version, too), but you cannot do this in Metacard 2.4.3X.
> 2. The other workaround I found is to use the "RevDroplet" of Sarah Reichelt. This can be downloaded from the
> developers contributions from the RunRev site (
> You drop your Metacard-Windows stack on the droplet, get a Metacard stack with a Rev icon, but can then open the
> stack under Metacard 2.4.3X.-
> Request: Could the described features of the MetacarCardCarbon version not be re-integrated into the new Metacard
> 2.4.3X version?
> Regards,
> Wilhelm Sanke

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