Clone and invisible stacks

Matt Denton matt.denton at
Mon Aug 26 09:12:01 EDT 2002


I'm trying to clone a stack and keep it invisible while certain visual 
aspects (such as size) are fixed up on it before showing.  
Unfortunately cloning shows the stack, even if the stack is way off 
screen, or invisible etc.  Well call me pedantic... but making it 
immediately invisible shows it for a second, no matter what I do.  Not 
very good.

My question is: does anyone know how to effectively copy a stack, 
complete, into an off-screen or invisible empty stack?  Essentially 
cloning but not showing the stack till later.

The only way I can think of at this stage is to duplicate the actual 
disk file, rename it etc.  Pretty sloppy.  Again I've searched the docs 
and I"m sure it is staring me in the face (it's 2am).

Any help?>?

Many thanks yet again.


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