Reports DataPro, Rev, and Blender3D

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Sun Aug 25 23:19:01 EDT 2002


I have been advised by Bob Greenberg at rpControl LLC that ALMOST ALL of the
Reports DataPro utilities and features are actually stacks that are called
by a single though fairly complex external from which the company gets its
name - i.e. "rpControl".

It follows that the stack controls in Reports DataPro should be realtively
easy to recreate in Revolution if one knows the ins and outs of the
underlying scripting.  That would only (only?) leave using transcript to
replicate the calls made be the rpControl external (have I got this right,
Bob?).  The end result should be as "cross platform" as evolution itself.

rpControl could provide the "blueprint" while RunRev could code the "hooks"

Come on guys!  Let's get this together!

on 8/25/02 11:27 PM, Brad Allen at BradAllen at wrote:

>> Seems very silly to "re-invent the wheel",espeicially when the Bob Greenberg
>> (bob at, the current owner of this product is VERY willing to
>> make a deal with RunRev.
>> Why not do the deal, make the necessary conversions and offer the RunRev
>> Reports product as a "value added" additional product, the profits from
>> which could be shared by both RunRev and rpControl LLC.
> I agree. I would buy such a product if it were priced in the $100 range.
> At 11:57 AM -0700 8/25/02, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> No need.  Native Transcript can handle pretty much anything you need, and
>> wuld be available for all supported platforms rather than Mac OS only.  All
> True, Reports Datapro is Mac-only, for now. FYI, FileMaker Pro can
> create runtime standalones for both Mac and Windows. Designing a
> report, with break sections, subsummaries, etc., is considerably
> quicker and easier in FileMaker than in Rev.
> At 11:57 AM -0700 8/25/02, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> In the meantime, report printing in Rev is more work than in HC, but also
>> more flexible and certainly not impossible. You can create a printing stack
> Designing a printing stack with header sections, detail sections,
> subsummaries, break sections, trailing grand summaries, all of
> changeable length to accomodate arbitrary data sets...sounds like a
> major programming project.
> Another idea is to export the desired data as XML and run it through
> a utility like XMLmill to convert to PDF. (
>  ) I suspect there
> is a database reporting-oriented XML namespace and DTD somewhere out
> there...
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