Reports DataPro, Rev, and Blender3D

Brad Allen BradAllen at
Sun Aug 25 22:29:01 EDT 2002

>Seems very silly to "re-invent the wheel",espeicially when the Bob Greenberg
>(bob at, the current owner of this product is VERY willing to
>make a deal with RunRev.
>Why not do the deal, make the necessary conversions and offer the RunRev
>Reports product as a "value added" additional product, the profits from
>which could be shared by both RunRev and rpControl LLC.

I agree. I would buy such a product if it were priced in the $100 range.

At 11:57 AM -0700 8/25/02, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>No need.  Native Transcript can handle pretty much anything you need, and
>wuld be available for all supported platforms rather than Mac OS only.  All

True, Reports Datapro is Mac-only, for now. FYI, FileMaker Pro can 
create runtime standalones for both Mac and Windows. Designing a 
report, with break sections, subsummaries, etc., is considerably 
quicker and easier in FileMaker than in Rev.

At 11:57 AM -0700 8/25/02, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>In the meantime, report printing in Rev is more work than in HC, but also
>more flexible and certainly not impossible. You can create a printing stack

Designing a printing stack with header sections, detail sections, 
subsummaries, break sections, trailing grand summaries, all of 
changeable length to accomodate arbitrary data sets...sounds like a 
major programming project.

Another idea is to export the desired data as XML and run it through 
a utility like XMLmill to convert to PDF. (  ) I suspect there 
is a database reporting-oriented XML namespace and DTD somewhere out 

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