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Marian Petrides mpetrides at
Sun Aug 25 19:37:01 EDT 2002

> I'm coming in at the tail end of this and apologize if I'm repeating 
> something someone else has said and/or not answering the specific 
> question--which I do not have in front of me.  It sounds like the 
> requirement is to capture video easily and then burn to DVD, yet 
> retain the ability to edit the video.  Is that right?

If so, consider

1) Capturing via firewire (using Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge or other 
comparable device--Sony makes one, too that is supposed to be quite 
good--to convert analog to digital) into iMovie
2) Output iMovie to iDVD
3) Author and burn to DVD using iDVD

4) In addition to the DVD-video disk in #3, burn an archive of captured 
video to DVD using Toast, for further editing

Above requires a Mac with built-in DVD-R drive. The 15 inch flat panel 
iMac will do very well.  If this does not answer the original question, 
please forgive me.


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