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It really depends on how elaborate of a system you want to have. Also,
the platform makes a difference...MacOSX or Windows.  A new i-Mac can
burn DVD's from digital video files stored on it's HDD that will
playback on consumer decks.  There are also more high end MPEG encoders
such as those from Minerva Newtowks(  If you
wanted to go all Windows, an elegant solutions could possibly be built
around the .NET platform.  

Would you like to purchase a complete solution?


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Thanks for all the insightful inputs on this thread.

I am unable to find a device which does 100% of what we want.

Dazzle hollywood DV Bridge looks interesting, but only take the DV
stream into a computer, not directly to a DVD burner.

So, looks like we will be settling for the

PHILLIPS DVDR 985, "Stand-alone" DVD Recorder

Which takes an analog signal from a VCR or a Digital Cam and writes them
out to a DVD disk. The CODEC is to MPEG 2. But we will have to extract
this later if we want to use it instead of going back to the physical

Anyone know of a way to drive DVD file inside Rev? Quicktime will not
see them.

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