Reports DataPro, Rev, and Blender3D

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Sun Aug 25 16:40:01 EDT 2002

on 8/25/02 2:03 PM, Brad Allen at BradAllen at wrote:

> At 8:44 PM -0500 8/18/04, Jim Witte wrote:
>> Hmm..  Anybody else see The creator of the popular 3d
>> modeling program (the page says over 250,000 registered users) has reached
>> an agreement with the people who know own it (NaN Holdings) to open the
>> source code as GPL if he can raise 100,000 Euros.  I'm not exactly sure what
>> the history of Blender is, or how NaN came to hold it (read slashdot..), but
>> NaN, like Reports, was not doing much with it.  The Blender foundation,
>> after only 4 weeks, has already rasised over 80,000 (in intent, actual
>> donations in the bank are about 60,000).
>> Maybe that's what's needed for Reports.
> Open-sourcing Reports Datapro is an interesting idea. I wonder if it
> would be major undertaking to adapt it for Rev in such a way that it
> would work with Rev and Rev standalones.
> I recently delved back into Reports Datapro, and found myself once
> again really appreciating the functionality, including the ability to
> generate reports on plain textual data (as opposed to HyperCard
> stacks.) Reports Datapro is a great software package with many
> features beyond just reporting (indexing, sort & select, table views,
> etc.). If the Rev folks are considering adding reporting
> capabilities, I hope they'll take a close look at the design of
> Reports Datapro.
> I suppose we have some alternatives for reporting data out of Rev;
> for instance, Rev can output delimited text to a specified directory
> and then launch a FileMaker standalone which could automatically
> import text from the specified directory and generate a report. Of
> course, FileMaker developer costs $500. I wonder if there currently
> exist any good open source programs that Rev could hook into for
> generating reports?
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Seems very silly to "re-invent the wheel",espeicially when the Bob Greenberg
(bob at, the current owner of this product is VERY willing to
make a deal with RunRev.

Why not do the deal, make the necessary conversions and offer the RunRev
Reports product as a "value added" additional product, the profits from
which could be shared by both RunRev and rpControl LLC.

Not doing this makes about as much sense as a major league baseball strike.
Both side lose if they can't make a deal.


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