Reports DataPro, Rev, and Blender3D

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Aug 25 14:04:01 EDT 2002

Brad Allen wrote:

> I suppose we have some alternatives for reporting data out of Rev;
> for instance, Rev can output delimited text to a specified directory
> and then launch a FileMaker standalone which could automatically
> import text from the specified directory and generate a report. Of
> course, FileMaker developer costs $500. I wonder if there currently
> exist any good open source programs that Rev could hook into for
> generating reports?

No need.  Native Transcript can handle pretty much anything you need, and
wuld be available for all supported platforms rather than Mac OS only.  All
that's needed is for someone to afford the time to provide that
functionality in a script library, preferably with a UI to help with layout.

In the meantime, report printing in Rev is more work than in HC, but also
more flexible and certainly not impossible. You can create a printing stack
sized to the current page setup options, add any objects you like, fill them
with any data you like, and issue a print command.  It'd be nice to have a
subset of these options available in a library of one-liners, but if you
need report printing today there's no need to wait.

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