revPrintText function...

John jburtt at
Sun Aug 25 01:19:01 EDT 2002

In writing a printing handler, I prefer using the revPrintText 
function because it allows the use of the header and footer 
parameters. But, I'm having trouble formatting the textFont and 
textSize attributes. I first place the text into a field where I set 
the font, size, and color. Then, I put the htmlText of that field 
into a variable. When I look at the htmlText I see that it does not 
contain reference to the textFont, textSize, or textColor tags. When 
printed, it seems to print in the system's default settings - not the 
settings that I set for the field. I tried adding the font tags in my 
handler, but it still doesn't print in the font I specified. Is it 
possible to specify the font and size? If so, How?


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