Coded Passwords

Josh Dye Zzyzx at Relia.Net
Sat Aug 24 20:01:00 EDT 2002

    If you do something like this...

on mouseup
ask password "Please enter your password"
put it into fld "Pass"
end mouseup

And lets say you put in "admin" in the Ask Dialog box; It will come out as "9/d&+" in the Field. Is there any way to reverse that process, and change "9/d&+" back into "admin"?

Another thing. I want to enter a password into a fld, in plain text; And then, convert it to password form. Then, put it back into that same fld, but Converted to Password form. The only way I could think of is doing it this way:

on mouseup
ask password "Convert" with (the text of fld "Pass")
put it into fld "Pass"
end mouseup

It works. But I want to be able just to hit the button, and it will convert it, instead of having to click "OK" in the ask Dialog box. Any ideas?

Thanks for listing to all of my stupid questions!

 - Josh Dye
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