Some Stacks Won't Open in Finder in OS X?

Dan Shafer dan at
Fri Aug 23 12:52:00 EDT 2002

I've just encountered something that seems strange to me.

I downloaded the DB Samples a few days ago and was messing around 
with them this morning. I can double-click the stack in Finder and it 
opens and runs and things are fine. So I want to look at the 
underlying code and see what's going on. I open Rev, navigate to the 
folder where the stack is and it's dimmed out, not able to be opened 
from within Rev. Neither DB sample is accessible.

So I figure well maybe they're read-only or something (though Finder 
Get Info doesn't indicate that). So I try to open revexample.rev in 
the Plugins folder. Same story. All of the stacks I've made work 
fine. All of the stacks in the components folder and sub-folders work 

So what's the story here? What do I not understand?
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