Switching between images...

Klaus Major klaus.major at metascape.org
Fri Aug 23 06:43:01 EDT 2002

Hi Peter,

> Hi all-
> Could someone please recommend a simple way to switch between two 
> versions
> of the same image. The images are stacked on top of each other on a 
> card and
> I would like the user to be able to toggle/switch between the two by 
> either,
> clicking on them, or by doing a "mouseOver"/"rollover".
> Many thanks in advance
> -Peter

sorry, i did not read your mail carefully enough.

Do this:

1. script of the image on top:

on mouseenter
   hide me
end mouseenter


on mouseup
   hide me
end mouseup

2. script of the image below:

on mouseleave
   show img "the image on top"
end mouseleave

Hope that helps...


Klaus Major
klaus.major at metascape.org

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