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Klaus Major klaus.major at metascape.org
Fri Aug 23 02:49:00 EDT 2002

Hi Devin,

> In a moment of cluelessness I wrote:
>> In HyperCard it is possible to create a Popup style button and to set
>> the width for the button name to show alongside the list that pops
>> up. When an item is selected from the popup list, it appears in the
>> space next to the button name. Can you do the same thing with one of
>> Rev's menu style buttons? I have looked at them all, but can't see
>> one that lets you show the button's name along with the selected line
>> of the button, something like this:
>>    Choose Color: > | Yellow
>> Does Rev not allow this, or am I missing something?
>> Devin
> Okay, I found it. In HC you could create a popup style button, then in 
> edit mode you could grab the left edge of the button and drag toward 
> the center. This would create a title area on the left side of the 
> button that displayed the button name.
> In Rev there is no such analogous trick, but it does support the 
> titleWidth property (same as in HC, but I always just used the dragging 
> trick). If you set the titleWidth to > 0 the same magic title area will 
> appear on the left side of the button. This shows the NAME of the 
> button as the title, not the label. The showName property has to be set 
> to true for this to work.
> Devin

WOW, i just played around with it.
Cool feature...

What other (not so obvious) features might MC/RR have ready for us... ;-)



Klaus Major
klaus.major at metascape.org

Sorry for my premature statement that it cannot be done right out of the 
box :-(

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