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David Vaughan drvaughan55 at mac.com
Thu Aug 22 20:38:01 EDT 2002

On Friday, August 23, 2002, at 01:04 , Klaus Major wrote:

> Hi Devin,
>> In HyperCard it is possible to create a Popup style button and to set 
>> the width for the button name to show alongside the list that pops up. 
>> When an item is selected from the popup list, it appears in the space 
>> next to the button name.
> Are you sure ?
> I just found HC in my archives and could not find this feature...
Klaus, Devin
It was a feature of most of the menu externals (e.g. menuPop()) and so 
often used it might have seemed part of the lanugage. However, I do not 
think that form of <<list offset to button>> is still in fashion. 
Clicking in one place to see a list pop up somewhere else is no longer 
the done thing. Rather, on Macs the list is adjusted vertically so the 
current selection is under the mouse, and Rev handles this directly.
> Regards
> Klaus Major
> klaus.major at metascape.org
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