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Wed Aug 21 04:26:01 EDT 2002

Hi Kurt,

i almost overlooked this one...

> Klaus Major wrote:
> "...(For me personally it  is really sad, that you cannot mix players 
> the "play ac xxx"-command...."
> I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that, but you might be interested 
> in the following plugin:
> -Kurt

I mean that i do not like the fact that you cannot use (quicktimebased) 
AND the "play ac xxx" command together on windows (works on a mac, of 

Try it by yourself.

You won't hear the sound evoked with "play ac..."
Even "beep" does not work in that case.

I have the (VERY subjective) feeling that the latency (response time)
is faster with "play ac xxx" (especially with imported and not 
referenced sounds)
than with players.

But if you want to have more than 1 sound playing at the same time you 
but using QT. Unfortunately lot of our customers have problems 
insatlling QT on
their win-machines. (A fact that i will better leave uncommented ;-)


Klaus Major
klaus.major at

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