[ANN] Calendar Object v1.1.0

Shao Sean shaosean at unitz.ca
Wed Aug 21 01:39:08 EDT 2002

I've completely re-written my calendar object. Much simpler to use and to
read the source code.

Useage Guide:
- place the objCalendar group where you want to use it (recommend importing
into object library)
- use code> send "calendar_display" to group "objCalendar" < to draw the

To trap when the user has clicked on a date, just handle
"calendar_dateClicked", there is one parameter passed which is the dateItems
of the date clicked.

To trap when the user is navigating between months/years just handle
"calendar_goPreviousYear", "calendar_goPreviousMonth",
"calendar_goNextYear", "calendar_goNextMonth", no parameters are passed.

To go back to today, use the code> send "calendar_goToday" to group
"objCalendar" <.

I've updated the interface to look similiar to Apple's new iCalendar. The
hiliting of the clicked date has been removed (easy to add back if there's a
demand for it). Click the arrows to move between next/previous months,
Option/Alt-click the arrows to move between next/previous years.

To-Do List:
- allow for configurable start of week (currently fixed at Sunday)
- allow for configurable "check for date changes" interval (currently at

Shao Sean

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