Problems with Sounds

Roger.E.Eller at Roger.E.Eller at
Tue Aug 20 14:21:00 EDT 2002

Try this...
      File (menu)
            Import as control
                  Audio File

I too have heard the static burst of audio on a Mac. The above method
worked for me.

In a message dated 20/8/02 2:05:35 PM, Judy Perry writes:

<< > I am trying to get a rev stack to play an aif file.  First I tried
>   play "/Users/judy/Documents/HPGame/Sounds/TrainPassing.wav"
> What I get is a static burst and nothing else. (Got the path by using
> the
> Terminal app in Mac OSX and getting to the directory and then using the
> pwd command to get the correct directory).
> Next I used SoundEdit to embed the sound as a resource within the stack;
> then used this rev command:
>   play audioclip "TrainPassing.wav" looping
> Got ongoing static.
> I Have tried aifs, wavs and QTMovs.  I know the sound file is valid
> because it plays using other apps.  What obvious thing am I missing?
> Many kind thanks,
> Judy Perry >>

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