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Tue Aug 20 14:08:01 EDT 2002

I am late on this one, and have three digests yet to read, so apologies if 
this is a repetition.  I had this problem, and as I recall it was the 
sampling rate (but I think it can be compression? an AIFF-C?).  Anyway, if 
you are on a mac, use the great freeware SoundApp <A 
<></A>.  Often mistaken 
for just a dull MP3 player.  You can convert and tweak all sorts of sounds.  
Can save a lot of space, too, if you reduce the sampling rate, save as mono, 
etc.  I tried to find something similar on Windows, but failed.  (The one 
problem I still have is setting the volume of different samples, recorded at 
different times to be similar when played)

Considering how old Aif is, it works very well, but if you want to deploy on 
Windows, Wav is the way to go.  Yes it is true a Quicktime player will deal 
with almost everything, IF it is installed on the Windows machine.  Finally, 
I think the extension must be right - you mention aif but refer to .wav

In a message dated 20/8/02 2:05:35 PM, Judy Perry writes:

<< > I am trying to get a rev stack to play an aif file.  First I tried this:
>   play "/Users/judy/Documents/HPGame/Sounds/TrainPassing.wav"
> What I get is a static burst and nothing else. (Got the path by using 
> the
> Terminal app in Mac OSX and getting to the directory and then using the
> pwd command to get the correct directory).
> Next I used SoundEdit to embed the sound as a resource within the stack;
> then used this rev command:
>   play audioclip "TrainPassing.wav" looping
> Got ongoing static.
> I Have tried aifs, wavs and QTMovs.  I know the sound file is valid
> because it plays using other apps.  What obvious thing am I missing?
> Many kind thanks,
> Judy Perry >>

Best wishes,

David Glasgow
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