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on 8/18/02 7:44 PM, Tony Moller at tony.moller at wrote:

> Okay, I'm about to give up on menus altogether. Everything was great last
> night/this morning. Thanks to HyperActive's conversion guide, I had gotten
> the menu's to show up on all the cards, the card window was properly
> resizing on a Mac and not on a PC... I was in heaven. Or so I though. Now I
> noticed that every time I double click on the stack file to start it in
> 'player' mode (on the Mac), I loose 22 pixels of the screen. Quit, reopen,
> loose another 22 pixels. My window is being eaten away! This also happens
> when I start Rev in developer mode first, then open my stack file.
> Someone please tell me this is a bug in Rev... and not something I did.

This used to happen to me all the time. I finally nailed down the reason 
and now I can't remember exactly what it was. I just spent some time 
trying to reproduce it (but I'm using the latest MC rather than Rev) and 
I can't get it to happen so maybe it was fixed. My vague recollection is 
that it involved setting the style of the window -- i.e., every time you 
change a window from toplevel to modal, and then back again, it would 
shrink. I remember making a test stack that repeatedly changed modality 
(if I remember right) and I was able to get the window to shrink 
entirely out of existence, leaving nothing but a title bar. At any rate, 
it was a bug in the engine. Are you changing the modality of your stack 

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