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> Thanks all
> Klaus Major wrote:
>> Konichi-wa UDI-san,
> Wow! Are you a Japanese ? If different, you have wide knowledge ;-)
> Thank you for a lot of praise. I want you to enjoy it.

Domo aregato UBI-san.

No, i am not japanese (although some people sometimes think that
i speak chinese to them ;-) , i am german, hai !
(I think the correct english metaphore is: ...i speak greek... :-)

I just have, as you kindly put it, a wide knowledge ;-)

>> In version 2 of our application we are currently developing for
>> children, we have plans to create a little "music-making" stack.
> I am very a pleasure.
> makeSMF create MIDI from charactor data.
> And Transcript can make that character data.
> Yes! You can CREATE music on your application!

That's what i thought.

> I will introduce an interesting play.
> At first you click a "Load File" button.
> And select a random text file.
> OK, you will try to click a Play button :-)

I just need a nice UI for the kids...
I don't think most kids are interested in making music by typing 
"code" ;-)

But there is still time until this decision has to be made...


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