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Tue Aug 20 09:38:01 EDT 2002

Thanks all

Klaus Major wrote:
>Konichi-wa UDI-san,

Wow! Are you a Japanese ? If different, you have wide knowledge ;-)
Thank you for a lot of praise. I want you to enjoy it.

Mike Brown wrote:
>Where did you get the midi music files (text files)?

I read music score ( by my EYE ) and wrote it one by one. In addition, I 
used a "Convert from SMF" button and got score from some MIDI files.

But I think that this is a tool to WRITE music. I'm glad that a person 
with culture of music ( I don't have it! ) makes original song.
In Japan, there is culture that write music with a text. The most used 
language is called MML ( Music Macro Language ).

Kurt Kaufman wrote:
>I'm especially impressed with the script that allows you to import/edit 
a pre existing MIDI file!

This is not a main function. ( and it is incomplete and have bugs :-(
I think that it is a supporting tool to write music. This button should 
not be used easily, because a lot of music includes a copyright. 

>How do Revolution developers intend to use MIDI data and MIDI files?

If somebody wants to play full-scale music, I think that it is the best 
to play a MIDI file with vc-player.

My tool simulates a Play sentence. I can't predict how used ;-)
It is worthless if there are not music data. I pray for somebody offering 
score for this tool. And I'm glad that it is a public domain.

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