use-revolution digest, (playstopped not working)

Klaus Major klaus.major at
Tue Aug 20 03:16:01 EDT 2002

Hi Mike,

> Thank you for your reply. Before I post the scripts involved, maybe the 
> following may provide more information.
>  I have been beating my brains out (not a large task)


> on this and finally made it around to trying something different.
> In the player script, I commented all else out and put the following in:
> on playStopped
> beep
> end playStopped
> The instant I send start player to the player, it beeps then plays the 
> sound file. This accounts for ALL of the problems I have had.


> BTW, gggg was simply a typo.

Ah, i guessed...

> My question now is" Is RR sending the same message out for both start 
> and stop and having it interpreted based on some condition of the 
> player, therefore requiring some sort of qualifier, or should I just 
> reload Revolution?

That should not happen.

The messages is only sent when the player stops.

Try reloading (you mean installing ?) RR.

Works most of the times ;-)

>  Also, a question for RR. Is there a forum somewhere that is more 
> oriented toward the beginner to novice range?

pass question ## ;-)

> Thanks again,Klaus
> mike

You're welcome...


Klaus Major
klaus.major at

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