Dan Shafer : Wired HC Article - rev too complicated?

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> And even if you don't build authoring environments per se, the tools needed
> to do that serve well for just about any other type of application.
> The power of Rev over a lot of competitors is just that sort of sweet spot:
> you can build stuff, but you can also make tools to build stuff for you.  In
> contrast, those with more experience than I with VB and RealBASIC (Lorin,
> please correct me if this is no longer accurate) have suggested that these
> tools cannot create applications on the fly.

RbScript allows a great deal of on the fly construction, but REALbasic
clearly represents a different paradigm.

That said, you can absolutely build apps in REALbasic that help you build
apps in REALbasic, people do it all the time, and we continue to amplify
these abilities.

Of course, as REALbasic is a pretty rich environment, we don't hear much
from users who'd like to be able to build apps that are self-modifying at
runtime. REALbasic needs a "representation" of the objects (primarily
controls) it needs to use in the compiled app.
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