Hobby License - on the Retrospect list!

Jim Witte jswitte at bloomington.in.us
Mon Aug 19 16:36:01 EDT 2002

   I was surprised when I was checking mail that the issue of a 'Hobby 
License' has apparently come up on the Retrospect Backup list - a bit of 
a coincidence!  Here's what they said:

> I don't know how well this would work with Retrospect, buy the guys 
> over a
> Stalker (CommunigatePro mail server) are looking at an interesting 
> pricing
> model for their users. <p> Their users main gripe was that $499 was too 
> much to pay for those who
> administered large sites (mail servers) at work and wanted the same 
> software
> for home. <p> The idea was brought up for a hobby license. Basically, 
> when users purchased
> a commercial license (50 users or more @ $499 and up), they were 
> eligible
> for a 5 user license for home use at a cost of about $99. <p> This 
> meant that Stalker didn't have to absorb higher support costs for 
> "home" users because anyone that had the cheaper license was already 
> proficient with the software through a larger license. <p> It also 
> meant that the mail server admins were able to buy a license for home 
> or for use as a backupMX, without having to waste money on a large 
> license. <p> Perhaps this is something that Dantz could look at for it 
> users. For those
> of us that bought the 100 client server license, we would be able to 
> buy a 5
> client license (Server version) for $99.


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