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>  send mouseUp to button "playit"
> > end playStopped
> >
> > Button "playit" has this as part of the script:
> > put line myspot of field titles into audioToPlay --titles being another 
> > global containing a field name.
> >
> > Problem: whenthe playStopped handler in the player is not commented 
> > out, the total number of lines of field titles is added to the 2 
> > originally in the global myspot, making the value in myspot much higher 
> > than it should be.
> >
> > If someone has bumped into this or may know the cause, I'd sure 
> > appreciate their ideas.
> ???
> the script looks OK to me...
> Could you please post the complete script of the "playit"-button.
> That would make error-checking a lot easier for us ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards
> Klaus Major
> klaus.major at
Thank you for your reply. Before I post the scripts involved, maybe the 
following may provide more information.
  I have been beating my brains out (not a large task)on this and finally 
made it around to trying something different.
 In the player script, I commented all else out and put the following in:

on playStopped
end playStopped

The instant I send start player to the player, it beeps then plays the sound 
file. This accounts for ALL of the problems I have had. BTW, gggg was simply 
a typo.
My question now is" Is RR sending the same message out for both start and 
stop and having it interpreted based on some condition of the player, 
therefore requiring some sort of qualifier, or should I just reload 
  Also, a question for RR. Is there a forum somewhere that is more oriented 
toward the beginner to novice range?

Thanks again,Klaus
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