scrollingList fld color 3

sims sims at
Mon Aug 19 11:53:01 EDT 2002

Thanks Dave,

I've got to strip this thing down & try this again in the morning...
I gotta be missing something simple here.


>I'm not seeing anything like that here. Hiliting works however many 
>lines I set the forecolor of. (also on Mac OS 10.1.5)
>What happens when you click on the colored line? No hiliting at all? 
>What about when you click on the non-colored lines?
>Have you set any properties of the field, or have you just used the 
>standard scrolling list field from the tools palette? Make sure you 
>haven't set the hiliteColor of the field (or the object it inherits 
>from -  group,card, stack, etc) to the same as the background color.

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