Klaus Major klaus.major at
Mon Aug 19 10:09:00 EDT 2002

Hi MFitz53 (is that your real name ? ;-)

> I seem to be having trouble with the playStopped message.
> Button 1 puts 2 into the global myspot.
> In the playStopped handler in the player, I have:
> on playStopped
> global myspot -- contains a line number of the field titles(2 at this 
> point)
> add 1 to gggg --should make myspot 3

gggg ? You mean myspot !?

> send mouseUp to button "playit"
> end playStopped
> Button "playit" has this as part of the script:
> put line myspot of field titles into audioToPlay --titles being another 
> global containing a field name.
> Problem: whenthe playStopped handler in the player is not commented 
> out, the total number of lines of field titles is added to the 2 
> originally in the global myspot, making the value in myspot much higher 
> than it should be.
> If someone has bumped into this or may know the cause, I'd sure 
> appreciate their ideas.

the script looks OK to me...

Could you please post the complete script of the "playit"-button.

That would make error-checking a lot easier for us ?

Thanks in advance.


Klaus Major
klaus.major at

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