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Mon Aug 19 09:35:01 EDT 2002

I seem to be having trouble with the playStopped message.

Button 1 puts 2 into the global myspot.

In the playStopped handler in the player, I have:
on playStopped
global myspot -- contains a line number of the field titles(2 at this point)
add 1 to gggg --should make myspot 3
send mouseUp to button "playit"
end playStopped 

Button "playit" has this as part of the script:
put line myspot of field titles into audioToPlay --titles being another 
global containing a field name.

Problem: whenthe playStopped handler in the player is not commented out, the 
total number of lines of field titles is added to the 2 originally in the 
global myspot, making the value in myspot much higher than it should be.

If someone has bumped into this or may know the cause, I'd sure appreciate 
their ideas.
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