Best way to do palettes?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 19 01:47:00 EDT 2002

Jim Witte writes:

> How can I make palettes in a stack?  I can create a substack and then
> hide/show a card of that substack (but how do I 'get the visible' as it
> were), but is there a more direct way - something like 'make palette of
> cd 2 with height y and width x'?

Window modes in Rev are handled with these commands:

 palette <stackName>

 modal  <stackName>

 modeless  <stackName>

 toplevel  <stackName>

You can also open a specific card or a stack as palette like this:

  open cd 3 of stack "MyPalette" as palette

  open card "Err444" of stack "MyErrs" as modal

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