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> On Saturday, August 17, 2002, at 05:31  AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>> ...I do agree that Rev has a ways to go if you wish to use it
>>> for multimedia development as opposed to the two other guys (Director
>>> and iShell.) Maybe I don't have the same expectations of the tool in
>>> that arena just yet. Besides... I really like iShell - for what it
>>> does,
>>> its powerful, stable, and extremely fast to develop in.
>> Why not build an iShell-like UI for the Rev engine?
> I believe that has been mentioned before. While we are doing 
> some fairly
> advanced stuff with Rev, I think that you are describing a MONUMENTAL
> task. One which to some degree, the Rev team itself is tackling, and
> they are certainly more capable than we are. Imagine the application
> overview combined with the property palette. Now add in the script
> editor. Allow drag and drop of script components into it. Make it aware
> of all the possible parameters for each script item. Make it track all
> variables, and control most scripting through radio boxes and drop down
> menus. Now make this magic interface display and work absolutely
> perfectly, every time. Now put in some extra multimedia control bits, a
> fantastic debugger (the best I've ever seen)... and so on...
> Rev is very, very powerful indeed, and offers many more script
> components than does iShell, but I think the task is larger than we, or
> even the Rev team itself could handle. Currently, the application
> overview itself is one of the least "finished" areas of the 
> program - to
> think that I could hope to make a "super-incredible-enhanced" 
> version of
> it, which works with absolute elegant precision... no, I doubt 
> it. I'm a
> pretty good judge of what we can do, and building a better 
> Revolution is
> not it.
> Do I love the idea? Sure. It would be awesome to have a tool 
> that worked
> like iShell that I could easily script and adapt "under the hood". Do I
> expect ever to see that? No, not really - by myself or anyone else.
> We're pretty happy with the tools as we have them. Revolution 
> is getting
> better and better all the time. We have built a number of very powerful
> and successful applications with it. We are about to release another
> which is our largest yet. But I don't feel that it answers ALL
> development needs, all the time. And I don't have a problem with that,
> and it doesn't make it any less valuable to me. My home toolbox 
> has both
> hammers and screwdrivers, and I don't try to use one for the 
> other there
> either - and I need both.

Hi Troy,
I m afraid you are completly right!!!!

But when I saw: "one month to pay the bills" I knew, that could 
be only a very light version of iShell UI. If its possible at 
all it would be anyhow a very nice thing for beginners and small 
projects. But a light copy of iShell would imho not be a good 
solution. Without a real new UI idea its better to forget the 
idea. I have used iShell only as a symbol for a excellent UI. I 
could say Mariner write/calc, Freeway, Transmit, BizzCross, 
WorkStrip X, Omni Graffle, Launchbar (was impressed what they 
have packed in such a small utility)...

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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