Working with Base64 and Mac files

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Aug 18 15:23:01 EDT 2002

Matt Denton writes:

>> Richard Gaskin writes:
>> This will get the resource fork data:
>> put url ("resfile:"&tLocalFilePath) into tResDataVar
> Thanks for your reply, I've been away for a while and just found your
> response!  I had a look at this function before hitting the list but the
> documentation seemed to indicate that only the Resource fork was used in
> the get or put, so I was looking for a combined Resource and Data fork
> operation.  Seems by your comment that resfile is the keyword for me!
> I'll test it tomorrow morning, many many thanks,

Be sure to use the binfile keyword for the datafork, lest it be treated as

The url type specifiers are:

   file    - copies the file as text.  Importing changes line-endings
             to Rev-native (linefeed character, unfortunately referred
             to as "cr" in scripts for HC compatibility).  Exporting
             changes line endings to wharever is native of the
             platform the app is currentky running on (linefeed for
             UNIX, carriage return for Mac, and return&likefeed for

   binfile - straight binary copy of the data fork

   resfile - binary copy of the resource fork (Mac only, of course)

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