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Brad Allen BradAllen at
Sun Aug 18 14:13:01 EDT 2002

I've had a hard time getting Revolution to connect to a local mySQL 
database under Mac OS 10.1.5. This mySQL database was created using 
NaviCAT under the user account mysql.

In the Rev 1.1.1 Database Manager, I fill out the following fields 
under the Text Data tab:

Database Type: MYSQL
Host: localhost (I've also tried the IP address of my computer)
Database: demo (which is the name is the name of one of the hosted databases)
Username: mysql  (I've also tried root)
Password: (password for mysql account)

Here is the error message I receive when I press "New Connection to Database":

revdberr, invalid database type

I tried downloading the Software Database Demo stack, and I get the 
same errors.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

>  >I have a local MySQL databases (installed and open through the Terminal)
>>and would like to see how easy would be to create a front-end from
>Very easy. The host to pass to revdb_connect would be localhost. You can
>find database examples at
>In particular you'll be interested in the software database demo..which
>works with all databases. You'll find a text file with the SQL you would
>need to create the necessary tables for the example. You may also want to
>check out the scripts to the database manager which can be found under
>the tools menu.
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