Wired HC Article (Rod McCall)

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Sat Aug 17 20:06:01 EDT 2002

  I always was annoyed by almost every program I used. I always knew they 
lacked any sense, and especially usability. Starting to use Windows made 
me depressive, and every Unix application I ever saw made me sick. I 
believe in usability. I still believe that computers SHOULD help people. 
I know that programs can be done better.
Im a HyperCard victim.

Recently I've learned some things about shell and c++. I now know the 
enemy. Its called knowledge. the usual Evil believes that, to use a 
application properly, you have to KNOW how to use it, you have to know 
its commands, you have to know its quirks and you have to know its 
I however believe in wisdom. An application has to have the wisdom to 
lead my way to the goals I decided on, it has to be wise enough to tell 
me where it falls short, and it has to get out of my way when I finally 
know the commands, quirks and limitations. Programs are unfortunately 
made by programmers, and they are seldom wise but most often rather 

I think, as a cross platform application, RunRev has omitted from many 
directions. Some are advantageous, for example its HyperCard roots. 
Others are desastrous especially its way of thinking about the users as 
a knower.

The most needed Features in Revolution for me would thus be:
- an useful errormessage handling/generator (would make debugger 
- better automation of the scripter
- simpler menu generator/assistant (would decrease list traffic)
- improved UI (would increase revenue)
- General uncluttering and simplifying
- bug fixes (would decrease bad press)
- better documentation (sad fact: its one of the best, ever!)

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