Reports DataPro and Rev

Alan Gayne alanira9 at
Sat Aug 17 17:04:01 EDT 2002

on 8/17/02 4:24 PM, Jim Witte at jswitte at wrote:

>> I am in COMPLETE agreement about not having to reinvent printing
>> routines.
>> My continue reference to Reports DataPro is simply my way of pointing
>> out
> As someone pointed out, RunRev may not want to port Reports DataPro to
> 3 different OS specific platforms instead of just rewriting it in native
> Transcript.  But I wonder - would rewriting it in Transcript be easier
> if they had the source to Reports DataPro?
> Jim
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More than that, the "look and feel" of the Reports DataPro interface is very
intuitive, far more so than Revolution itself at this point.  As I've stated
before, it's a mature product and a proven winner which is unfortunately
totally dependent on a lame-duck product (HyperCard)

To me, the main attraction of HyperCard is that allowed non-programming
business people to organize and better utilize their special knowledge of
their chosen fields of endeavor  --  you know!, computers and programming
"for the rest of us".

If Revolution does not actively embrace this philosophy then it will have
truly missed the boat at being the "real successor to HyperCard"


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