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Sat Aug 17 12:43:01 EDT 2002

Tony Moller <tony.moller at> asks:

> Help! I'm confused. Based on conversations on this list on the behavior of
> menus, I started my project by creating my menus. I created a stack (with
> one card). I used the Menu Manager to create my menu bar. Turned on the
> 'display as mac menu' options, and it worked fine. It shortened the window
> as it should. Then, I created a new card. That card is longer than the
> first! When I turned on 'edit menus in stack' property, the menu buttons
> only showed up on the first card.
> 1) What did I do wrong?
> 2) How do I get the first card back to its original height?

It took me a while but I figured this one out. Create the menubar as you
have done, then HIDE it (the whole menubar group; set its visible property
to false). Set the MacOS menubar option -- it now appears in the menubar,
not in the stack, and the menu card DOES NOT resize.

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