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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Aug 17 04:53:01 EDT 2002

> With specific reference to the "reports generator" issue, I must admit that
> I am at a loss why the people at RunRev have made a concerted effort to
> reach an agreement with the current owner of Reports DataPro, who I believe
> is Bob Greenberg at rpControl LLC.  This is EXACTLY what RunRev needs to
> jump-start widespread usage of the Revolution environment.

It shouldn't be necessary:  the Reports DataPro product is Mac-specific, and
rewriting it to run on the 12 Rev-supported operating systems would likely
be a lot more expensive than just writing it once in native Transcript.

I have yet to find a printing layout that couldn't be handled by the Rev/MC
engine.  so the core tools are there -- the trick is to build a good UI and
a library of easy-to-use handlers, to provide the simplicity that something
like Reports DataPro does, so we won't have to keep reinventing printing

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