Clipboard function misbehavior in standalone

Bob Arnold rfarnold at
Sat Aug 17 00:34:01 EDT 2002

In a simple little stack app I have created, I get completely different
responses using the clipboard function from the stack in the RR development
environment and as a stand-alone. To sort this out, I inserted an answer
command to identify the clipboard contents. From the finder, I copy an Get
Info icon image. When opening the stack in RR, the clipboard function
correctly answers "image" but when I then build a stand-alone and open it,
the same routine answers "text". From the finder, I check the contents of
the clipboard and it is still an icon image. Identifying any text in the
clipboard is a critical component of this little ditty -- so this
inconsistency is, well, pretty darn frustrating. What's up with that? Any

Also, the resumestack message doesn¹t seem to work when leaving a running
stand-alone and returning to it -- as I would have expected. This also works
as one would expect in the RR enviornment -- click on the desktop, return to
the stack, and viola! a resumestack message--- but in the standalone, no go
(no activation of the answer command I placed in that handler).

My RR frustrations with the little things are mounting.

All help appreciated.
Robert Arnold
Associate Professor of Film
Boston University
Tel (617) 353-7735  Fax (617) 353-1084

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