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Rod McCall rodmc at runrev.com
Fri Aug 16 13:00:01 EDT 2002

hi Wolfgang (and everyone else reading this),

> So many times i have read here too: the rev team is waching this 
> 2 lists all the time, and seriosly lookin for the needs of 
> our....

To be honest we do watch these lists and read them everyday! These lists are our main source of feedback from customers/users and it would be *very foolish* if we didn't pay attention to what people were saying on them.

> "The excellent feedback in relation, to the usability of rev", 
> you are refering, is from the point of view of a programmer. For 
> them rev may be a big improvment in UI design, but show me the 
> reviews from the designer, layouter, or multimedia authos 
> please...

I honestly don't know about the individual background of many of the reviewers but I know they vary from programmers to multimedia developers. In each case the magazines/websites go to some length to pay/obtain someone who knows something about the field.

> in OSX, no answer! During rev´s beta time I got answers from 
> Kevin mostly on the same day after posting.

Well I can't comment on specifics except to say we have put in a whole supporting structure to report, log, track and fix any technical or UI issues which appear. We have also increased the staff resources in this area.

In terms of response time we will look into this and see firstly if it is a problem and secondly what can be done about it. Moreover, it should be noted we have an order of magnitude more users now than during the beta stage and our response time from what I can see has nearly always remained within 1 business day, this is despite the increase in user base. Where this isn't the case we shall investigate. I guess you've purchased a pro licenece and quite rightfully expect $995 service.

> > We do take the views of our users seriously, therefore if 
> > anyone has any questions regarding the usability or pricing 
> > please feel free to contact me off list and myself or the 
> > person who handles UI issues will deal with your enquiry.
> Why should i again waste time and send all that now offline to 
> you when you this all?

The main reason was to avoid the use list becoming a stream of feature requests. While feature requests are welcome on the use list they are probably better served by being dicussed on an individual basis. That way we can find out specifically what your requirements may be and dicuss them in more detail. 

As for UI specific issues my background is in that area so by inviting you to contact me directly I was infact offering to be helpful. I would like to put some of my studies (which have lasted far too many years!) to use :-)  Moreover, I would also have forwarded them onto the person who is responsible for the user experience and they no doubt would also have been of help.

> Why do you think this will help *now*?
> And.., if it really helps - When will it be?

A lot of issues will be fixed/implemented in 1.5 but we don't have a firm release date for this yet, as soon as we do it will be announced. 

Kind regards,


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