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Wolfgang M. Bereuter wmb at internettrainer.com
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On Thursday, August 15, 2002, at 05:56 PM, Rod McCall 
<rodmc at runrev.com> wrote:
Hi Rod

> Hi Everyone,
> Firstly I think its time we made some comments. Initially we 
> have had excellent feedback in relation to the usability of 
> Revolution. Indeed many reviews in websites, magazines and 
> elsewhere have commented on this subject. However if you feel 
> there are specific usability or UI issues please contact us 
> (off list) and we will see what we can do.
> The usability of Revolution is something we take very seriously 
> and do expend a large amount of resources, time and effort to 
> ensure that the user experience is of the highest possible 
> standard for as many users as possible. However different user 
> groups may have different needs and where possible we will try 
> to address these issues when they arise.

So many times i have read here too: the rev team is waching this 
2 lists all the time, and seriosly lookin for the needs of 
So i have posted to the lists so much mails to improve the UI, 
the usability, the interface design etc... But what happened - a 
lot of new scripting and programming features have been 
anounced; but for the authoring - nothing! Thats ok for a 
scripting tool....
"The excellent feedback in relation, to the usability of rev", 
you are refering, is from the point of view of a programmer. For 
them rev may be a big improvment in UI design, but show me the 
reviews from the designer, layouter, or multimedia authos 
please... They are all mostly using iShell (Director)for 
authoring and rev for the scripting projects...

Some days ago i have asked here on the list about the Profil 
Manger. A serious time eating usability problem, wich makes it 
impossible to set the font size bigger for windows without 
formating all texts by hand again. It was a reply to a tip from 
Jeanne about the PM. But I did not get any answer from her or 
from the rev team. (From the list yet) Then I forwarded this two 
days ago *offline* to her, - no answer until now.
About a week ago I replyed to a post from Kevin to the improve 
list with a question about the ugly "textfield border color"-bug 
in OSX, no answer! During rev´s beta time I got answers from 
Kevin mostly on the same day after posting.

The result of struggling with rev, i have deceded because it 
great crossplatform features is now:
OS9: inexplicable engine is crashes on quit
OSX: ugly border Color bug
Windows: text to small. On high screen resolution nearly unreadable
Linux: not tested =:O

> We do take the views of our users seriously, therefore if 
> anyone has any questions regarding the usability or pricing 
> please feel free to contact me off list and myself or the 
> person who handles UI issues will deal with your enquiry.

Why should i again waste time and send all that now offline to 
you when you this all?
Why do you think this will help *now*?
And.., if it really helps - When will it be?

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