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Bill Lynn switchedon at hsj.com
Fri Aug 16 06:35:01 EDT 2002

As an aside to the discussion of the Wired HC article, Richard Wanderman,
who was interviewed awhile ago for that piece, has a number of HC stacks
that he created years ago, many of them as resources for struggling readers
and writers (he is a learning disabled adult). Richard and I are long-time
friends and live quite near each other here in Connecticut.

After reading the Wired article I asked him if he would mind making his
stacks available (as stacks, not as applications as they are now) to
developers on this list. He has given his consent to do so and, if there is
sufficient interest, I will post them to a private folder on my web site and
post the URL here.

Drop me an email (please don't respond to the list) if you are interested in
such stacks as Word Parts, Phonics Workout, Confusing Words, Ziggy Gets Out,
The Bee and others. If I get more than a dozen or so responses I will take
the time to post them for you.

Cheers... Bill Lynn
Simtech Publications

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