[ANN] ClipLinkViewer, MIDI Builder

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at snet.net
Thu Aug 15 08:54:01 EDT 2002

ClipLinkViewer is an application which will play in succession all video 
clips within a selected folder (directory). Clips within the folder may 
also be viewed individually. Compatible video formats include avi, mov, 
dv, mpg and mp4. ClipLinkViewer is designed for conveniently viewing the 
video output of (primarily still-photo) digital cameras, which typically 
consists of many short video clips. Please note that ClipLinkViewer does 
not alter, or change the location of any files on your computer.

MIDI Builder enables the creation of 1 to 4-voice MIDI files without the 
need for an external keyboard, sound module or sequencer.

Both of the above applications are being released soon as "shareware", 
but are presently being offered free-of-charge to Runtime Revolution and 
MetaCard list subscribers. Naturally, both applications were produced 
with Revolution!  Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated 

Thank you,
Kurt Kaufman

PS/Thanks again to the persons who tested ClipLinkViewer.

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