Standalone crashing and lagging

David Beck davethebrv at
Thu Aug 15 00:14:01 EDT 2002


    I'm having some problems when building a standalone from one of my
stacks. The stack is designed to be a level editor for a game I am writing.
Each level is divided into 16x16 cells, each which may be filled with a
brick. The level is about 40 by 30 cells. The user needs to be able to paint
bricks onto the level, which is represented by a card in my stack.
    I originally was creating a button every time the user painted a brick
in one of the cells. This approach worked well, except for when I built the
stack as a standalone, it had a tendency to crash when heavy brick laying
was going on. The stack would crash with a type 2 error (address error)
about every 3 minutes. I figured the problem stemmed from creating and
deleting all those buttons.
    So instead, I tried covering the entire level with transparent buttons,
each the size of one cell. When a brick was painted, I would just set the
icon of the existing button to the icon for that brick. This also worked
well, except that when I built the stack as a standalone, its performance
dropped to far below acceptable speeds. It took about 4 seconds to paint a
brick. I imagine this is because there are so many buttons on the card (one
per cell, 40 by 30 cells = 1200 buttons). However, the same process is
instantaneous when I use the stack from within the development environment.

    Are there any plans to fix whatever bug is causing the address error, or
is there any way I can improve the performance of my standalone which uses
existing buttons instead of creating them on the fly? I am out of ideas to
make this stack work, and I have already spent many weeks working on it
before I discovered the stability problem. I don't want my work to go to
waste. Help?


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