A "simple" slideshow

Klaus Major k_major at os.surf2000.de
Wed Aug 14 15:01:01 EDT 2002

Bonsoir Aurelian,

> On Wednesday, August 14, 2002, at 11:00 AM, Aurélien Durand wrote:
>> Actually i'm making a very simple slideshow with about 30 cards. Its 
>> script
>> is divided into those 30 cards in order to avoid the script limitation.
>> for example, this script in each card:
>> on openCard
>> wait for 2 seconds
>> visual dissolve
>> go cd "slide004"
>> end openCard
> It might work to add "with messages" to the wait.
> However, I'd be inclined to do something like this (untested):
> on openCard
>    send advanceSlide to me in 2 seconds
> end openCard
> on advanceSlide
>     global slideShowOn
>     if slideShowOn then
>         visual dissolve
>         go cd "slide004"
>     end if
> end advanceSlide
> As far as avoiding the script limitation, you might be able to move the 
> default openCard handler to the stack.  You might be able to move the 
> advanceSlide handler to a hidden field that contains the name of the 
> next card (and perhaps other info); adjust the send accordingly.
> I believe the openCard is called in place during execution of the "go" 
> without any tail recursion optimization.  Also, it is not placed in the 
> list reported by pendingMessages() for delayed execution.  If those 
> really represent the case, then the original script will will make 
> deeper and deeper calls.
> Dar Scott

if i understand you right, there are about 30 cards (more or less) and 
each contains
a different image ?

In this case you can simply script this:

Put this into the stack-script:

global the_advancing
## This global will store the id of the pendingmessage
## (see there !) "advanceslide"
## This way you can cancel that message from being delivered
## by cancelling this id (global)

on openCard
    send advanceSlide to me in 2 seconds
    ## Or whatever interval will do for you
    global the_advancing
    put the result into the_advancing
    ## See above...
end openCard

on advanceSlide
     visual dissolve
     go next cd
     ## Will do exactly what you need
     ## and will even cycle forever when reaching the
     ## last card in your slideshow ;-)
end advanceSlide

on mouseup
    global the_advancing
    cancel the_advancing
    ## Stop the slideshow by just clicking anywhere in the stack
end mouseup

## And you still have 5 statements left in THIS script :-)

Hope that helps.

Au revoir

Klaus Major
k_major at os.surf2000.de

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